Join us in learning simple, easy ways to grow healthy, delicious food in your backyard, or on your porch or terrace.

Zoe Edrington,
Melanie Rubin, and partners.

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In the summer of 2009 suddenly, everywhere, even on the White House Lawn, people started becoming excited about growing their own food! Across the nation Americans turned to vegetable gardening as a way to make their food dollars go farther. A study by Burpee Seeds claimed that $50 spent on gardening supplies can yield $1,250 worth of produce annually.

Here in Albuquerque our mission is to help new gardeners learn how to grow fruits and vegetables in their backyards and on their terraces.  We’d like to see growing nutritious food become possible for everyone. Visit our facebook page, "Albuquerque Backyard Farms," at www.facebook.com to see some of the early photos of how we began transforming one Nob Hill backyard into an oasis for growing delicious food.